PIA BOLTE® FASHION UG (limited liability)

Office Showroom

Musenbergstr. 29-31
81929 Munich

E-Mail: contact@piabolte.com
Phone: +49 1522 8728922

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PIA BOLTE® Fashion UG (limited liability)

Pinzenauerstraße 54
81925 München
E-Mail: contact@piabolte.com
Phone: +49 1522 8728922

Only online sales – no store! We manufacture exclusively to order.

Your welcome to arrange a personal appointment with us at PIA BOLTE® Fashion Showroom. Please contact us with the formula on your right – we contact you within 24 hours.

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Mangement/ marketing agency Pearl Media

Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 22
97424 Schweinfurt
E-Mail: info@pearl-media24.de
Website: www.pearl-media24.de

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