There is no way to buy talent….IMG_2725

Everything started with the creation of a typical Bavarian dress well known as the „Dirndl“ when I discovered my creativity.

Born and raised in the Westside of Germany I came to Munich in 2001 for visiting the Oktoberfest and of course I also wanted to wear a Dirndl, the traditional Bavarian dress, but everything I saw was not of what I had dreamed of – too boring and not individual enough. So I decided to design it myself – my first “ dirndl“ was born. So many woman liked it that in no time I started to design other bavarian dirndls for friends – each one a kind of its own.

Being very succesfull with this it was only one small logical step to start my own business – HERZI DIRNDL was born.

Soon I realized designing bavarian dresses was not inspiring enough for my creativity. My first unique jacket was born and happily worn by a famous german TV star in the public which made my jacket very popular and asked for, very soon it was followed by others each unique and a single piece. This was the beginning of my fashion label PIA BOLTE FASHION.

I love to live my creativity and I want to encourage you to believe in yourself and your skills and talents.

Pia Bolte